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Akanksha Dash @22noor

I never really had friends, I had two important people. One left and she was my best friend. And there was this boy who was In love with me since we were in 5. But I never really felt anything for him. Like never. And it’s been 7 years and we are really close friends. And I have made it very clear about my intentions. We are share everything with eachother. He’s special for me. But recently he just stopped talking out of no where. And when I reacted to that he was like I was in my own world and I still texted him. But talked as if I’m forcing this conversation. So I did said him to go and study and be in his World. Like a normal person should do. But then he’s like if you didn’t wanted to talk why did you texted. Daphuck ? And it was all blamed on me. I miss him but he uses such language which hurts.

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