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I never had friends in my life, I wonder what it feels like to share your thoughts with someone that understands you and loves you, you feel me… Just having fun with them 😦

Post anonymously?

Friends are fun, and if you talk to some one interesting and you get to know them a little better, then you decide whether or not you want to be their friend. One way i make friends is asking questions about the person and giving information I’m willing to share. Try that.


hey. friend. you can share your feeling with us. we will listen to you irrespective of being judge. so open up your heart and let the energy flow through us with our interaction 💝


you need to have friends. Sometimes there around to pay attention. it okay you have me now and you sound like a cool person and sometimes having friends is not good. Spend some time alone. you can do it. love yourself. know your self. like yourself. and think a positive way.


I meant you don’t need friends