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AGirlHasNoName @agirlhasno...

I need to make a decision and I am avoiding to go that lane because of how it is going to make me feel but I know that I need to do this. It is about staying with the person or not. But it is not an easy decision because sometimes I’m thinking that yes, maybe things can be worked out and sometimes I’m thinking no maybe this would be the best for us and for me to be able to embrace this freedom of not having anybody to think about of how he or she is going to feel. I can’t live with a decision which I regret which was on me. Hence my inclination is mostly towards saying no but I wish it was that easy, feelings were easy, emotions were easy. It feels like a deadlock. It is torturing me.

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AGirlHasNoName @agirlhasno...

To not regret this decision after getting back because I won’t be able to lift that weight off my chest.
What if things don’t change

Priyanshu @prinxz

What kinda person do you like before engaging into a relationship.

AGirlHasNoName @agirlhasno...

I like a person who gives freedom in a relationship. In simple terms, I have a life of my own, he has life of his own and third life that is our relationship. But freedom of enjoying yourself should be there.

Priyanshu @prinxz

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