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I need therapy, my sister needs therapy she even got some at her colleges mental health cell but my parents belittled her decision . There’s no concept of mental health in this house even though every single one of us is depressed. I’m kinda grateful for this platform.

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Kashika @kashika


Yes! I think you should be very open about this issue with your parents. I too convinced my parents of my deteriorating condition when I went for therapy for a brief span, if they are able to rightly understand what your problem is, I’m sure they won’t have any problem with the therapy. And yes it’s a relatively new concept, so it will take time for people to adjust to it :)


things get better with time. read self help books. stay positive and never lose hope

Rashmi @rashmimalhotra


Hey , i think you need to talk to your parents about this issue more, to make them take this seriously. And things will get better with time. Stay strong. More power to you ?

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