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i miss the feeling when i was fit, running, doing weights, feeling the burn, the feeling of hunger, getting my school work done.
but i dont feel it anymore. ive given up. work piles up. then i just play videogames for social attention or relief. but it doesnt work. but then i waste all my time and its the next day. im over eating. im not washing my face regularly. school work is being ignored. idc. kill me lol. but teachers will act like “so we have problems too. get over it.” they r ignorant. i felt like this for 7 years my mom was married to my step dad. thank goodness thats over and i got better. but now my mom has found a new bf and im sad again. too bad i cant be independent since im not 18. and i feel bad for ignoring my cat. before my moms new bf i gave my cat so much attention. now i just sit in my room all day. i hate seeing my moms bf. im sorry god please forgive me. sometimes i dont want to explain myself. sibfibosneinsonsl gibei

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Simran @st1199

Its okay to feel like this. This Covid has made all of us very irritated and frustated sitting home, our schedules being out of control and bored that we don’t wish to do anything.

But, for how long will this happen? You have a life to live, right? Goals to accomplish. Doing school work, watching TV, playing Video games, talking to friends, playing with Cat. Everything should have a time so that everything is done and you don’t feel like I can’t do anything. When we work according to a flexible Schedule we tend to be positive, motivated and at the end of the day feel that we have achieved everything we wanted.

So, get up, think how to change and manage things which willalso help you later in future when you grow older. Everything starts with small steps and you can also take one today.
Also, if you feel this is happening from past couple of months, maybe have an expert opinion from a therapist and see if it improves and you are back to being the way you used to be. :)

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Simran @st1199

Take out time for Exercise as it makes your body and mind refreshing. Even if it feels like yo can’t or don’t want to push yourself towards it as you will not regret this decision.

I suggest you to start with YOGA as it really soothes everything and can find it anywhere on Youtube or Instagram.


In this sort of situation you need to take HARD or STRONG corrective actions. For example… start a new regime waking very early where you have at least an hour or two planned out for what you’ll accomplish in that first hour every day. Force yourself to get up, endure the tiredness, and get into a routine of waking like that for a while, eventually you’ll start saving time by taking MASSIVE ACTION in the mornings.

Literally uninstall discord and your games from your computer for now. Installing a time-saving internet addon like leechblock to stop you from wasting time on certain websites, etc.

Remind yourself that you will eventually gain your independence. Stay active and work towards it gradually. It may seem unreachable, but every step, every little dollar you put away or every bit of confidence you gain will put you closer towards that.

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Ana Banach @johnthejohn

Dear ewspurts,
Sibfibosneinsonsl gibei 😔✌️
Listen, this is bad. You have to tell your mother what’s going on in your life. This is bad stuff. Over eating is okay, though. Never know when your name may be drawn to fight in the Hunger Games.

It should all work out. I’m no different than you, just wasting my life at an earlier age.

Best of luck.


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