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I made this friend in my 11th std.During covid our bond became stronger and we were bestfriends for life.Everything was perfect,until aug of 2021.I found that my bestfriend has a girl friend.That thing literally just broke me in and out.After few days I found out,my bestfriend put her photo in close friends story.So far I remember he hadn’t posted anything in CF story of ig but that day he just put.That was suspicious.May be he wanted me to reply to his story,but I didn’t.
I just went mum,I didn’t speak with him for months and he didn’t even notice anything.
I was so broke that I deactivated social media and everything and isolated myself.I don’t know why I did so.
I tried opening up my feelings with my friends and clearing my mind,but that was even more worst.They were saying that I was in love with him that’s why it mattered to me.But the truth is that I was close with him and obviously I saw him like a brother. I literally imagined me dancing on his wedding,our kids being bestfriend just like parents pare t

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Idk what really made him stop speaking to me.Before I knew he was in relationship I would send him 100 memes even when he didn’t reply.But after I got to know I stopped texting.I felt that I was just a normal person.
Reason why I believed we were bestfriends because he would call me to his family functions, introduce to his cousin friends and we were having real fun.but all of a sudden maintaining distance made me feel unwanted


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