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Daydreamer @daydreamer

I m a student of class 12 tomorrow is my board exam of maths
I m not good on maths…
But parents doesn’t understand it
I m highly depressed
Is only good marks student do best in their life
Sorry for my bad english

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Hey there daydreamer,Parents think that the child is not serious. So they think that by pushing around and being strict and scaring the child, the child will also start studying. But every child and every person is different. What is important is that you try your best. But definitely that does not mean that good marks are the only thing in life. They help with self-confidence because sadly that is what society measures us by. But our worth is much more than that. Our worth is in our character, in how we treat other people, in how we treat the planet, it is in our beliefs and our talents. So, find the things you’re passionate about. Maybe that thing is “how to help students who’re bad at math” and make that problem or situation your goal. Be the best at that. Be the best at that one thing you’re passionate about. That’s all life is about. People will try to make you believe that it is about other things, but it is about one’s dreams and aspirations and they vary from person to person. And that is the best part. ❤️However your test went, however it goes, wishing you luck, and hope you find that one thing that gives you immense pleasure in life and drives you to be the best version of yourself.

Yuvraj @yuvrajjw

Calm down, mate! That’s not entirely true. I scored 61% in my 12th, 24/70 in chemistry failed thrice in midterms in chemistry. Do marks matter? yes, but to a certain degree after that, it’s your hard work. You’ll get plenty of chances in the future it’s just a beginning.
Even after scoring that low I’m working at Wipro Technologies. So, the bottom line is just work hard and don’t get depressed if the score is low. Work hard in college and make sure you nail the Semester exams and get yourself placed. And try to score above 60% as it is the eligibility criteria for most of the campuses. Good Luck!!


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