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I lost my uncle to COVID19 today. I have been distracting myself the entire day. I don’t exactly know how to process the loss. My first reaction has been extreme anger. I’m just so mad at the world that people aren’t taking it seriously. I understand not everyone is privileged enough but shouldn’t risk aversion be the capital decision making pricipal binding our everyday action? Then I felt bad for being mad and it made me feel like I was being cruel in being overly critical. I want to cry and mourn him, but I’m very afraid if I let it out I might be too broken to be fixed again, so I have to hold it all in and let it pass. Please help me.

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Hannah @ivyaberdeenfan


Let it all out… If that makes you feel better.😢😷


I’m sorry for your loss. At SOME point you’re going to have to process it. Maybe you could find a time and place alone where you can let it out a bit, give yourself a limited time to feel as upset as you like, to cry if necessary, and if you start to go over the limit, try to hold yourself back. Ultimately it’s better to do this under situations where you have a bit of control than just bottling it up.

My position (opinion only) on ‘risk aversion’ is that liberty comes before anything. There is literally no reason why anyone should be telling me to wear a mask or stay home. If THEY are concerned or afraid, they have every right to wear a mask or stay home. If they want me to wear a mask in their small business or something, I’d be happy to do that. covid19 looks to be less lethal than the regular flu. Lockdowns aren’t justified at all, and wouldn’t be even if the deathrate was significantly higher. My right to freedom of movement and association trump other people’s right to control that because of their own fear. Death is a part of life. I’m not trying to belittle your uncles death or anything, but whether it’s viruses, terrorism, random gun violence or crime, etc - all of these are unfortunate realities in an imperfect world, but none of them justify authoritarianism.


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