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I keep typing and deleting things if I feel like it would offend the person. I’ve gotten the label “horrible texter” because of it. My anxiety of being viewed as a bad person even affected the way I play rpg mobile games. I have to choose the CORRECT choice, choose the CORRECT words to type, and if I feel like there aren’t any options that would cause a sliver of dislike towards me I just… ghost?

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I get that, I check and re-check and then recheck again before I can press “Send”
It takes a lot of courage to face our own realities. To just accept that people can have a perception of us, completely different from our own. Barring a few close people that matte,r and those that get me, I don’t think I could be bothered with what other people thought of me. I know human beings are social creatures, but honestly bro just stop giving a fuck. Easier said than done, I know. But literally underrated, because it really isn’t THAT tough to do either. I’m not saying don’t be nice or be insensitive. Do make a conscious effort to be polite, fosho. Never let the world make you a less kinder person. But don’t worry about the outcome, because that’s just something which is not in your hands. Keep trying to improve, but don’t the guilt to heart. Because we all learn and grow and what I know today, I didn’t know yesterday. OWN your personality. You are the only you to exist. DOn’t let anyone take that away from you. x


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