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I just wish to go back to time and stab or break the head of each and everyone who talked rudely with me.
I do forget the things and try to let go but when similar issue happens in present all previous triggers come back to my head and I go mad.
The feeling of taking efforts to calm down the anger raised due to some arsehole and he doesn’t care how much you had to work upon it is itself so victimising!

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I can totally relate. Even I don’t hold things close to heart but sometimes certain things just trigger past wounds. What I’ve learnt to do as a practice is that I’ve just cut the toxic people out of my life. But if that isn’t possible in your case, your safest bet is to just ignore them. Over the years, I have really realised that nobody is worth it. ANger messses up my system, and plays with my feelings, and I try to not subject myself to that torture. I just want peace of mind for myself… But I really get what you mean…it’s so exhausting to deal with the repercussins of someone else’s bad mouth. . . ???


Thanks dear


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