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i just want someone to talk to. i have plenty of friends, but i feel like i can’t open up about my problems to any of them. im supposed to be the one who’s there for everyone else, im the person who everyone goes to to feel better. but who’s there to listen to me when i need it? i’m really just exhausted, and i want one person to let everything out to without being ignored or judged.

i have a therapist, but i don’t feel comfortable in telling her everything because i feel like i’m putting some kind of burden on her. even if i tell her things, she talks more than i do, so i feel drowned out and eventually don’t tell her much. i honestly just want to vent and feel like the person is actually listening.

thank you for actually taking the time to read this, it was kind of a last resort for me <3

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Don’t worry, you shall find someone that is willing to hear you pour your heart out. That’s awesome your always there for others! Sometimes all we need is a good listener.


hey …!
please go ahead we are here to help you out when no one is else are .
Am ready to listen you out, because even i feel the same some times were am supposed to be for everyone then i think is there any one who can listen to me😌
please you can share it go ahead …

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Hey you,
Don’t worry even i have the same feeling . Being always there for everyone even when i am struggling with my own problems seems to help people but whenever i wants someone to listen to me without judging me, i feel like i am alone in this . So you can vent out here . We are here . 😌


Relatable af πŸ’―


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