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I just got out of a 3 year relationship a few months ago and it was my first one and it just hurts the worst even more now because I found out recently that she’s already started liking the guy who helped her out of her breakup depression. Albeit, she’s known him for years and always been good friends with him but he admitted he wants to marry her etc. but she’s not ready for any of that rn because that’s why we broke up because we both needed to get more mature and be in control of our lives instead of being toxic and immature, which would never have led to marriage. I chose to break up because we both had mental health issues and we just couldn’t help each other anymore. I had supported her for a year and forgotten to take care of my own self and I suffer now but she forgets all that and focuses on the mistakes I made instead and resents me for breaking up even though I did it so both of us could get better first because we couldn’t tackle it together anymore. idk what to do anymore, I wish I could move on but I still love her and she told me she still loves me too but I obviously have to move on because its just so unfair.

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Bro move on . That would be a lot better thing . For moving on 1. Block her. 2. Dont stalk her again
3. Imagine how would you act if have moved on and keep doing what you imagined for yourself.


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