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I just feel terrible. I’ve been feeling lonely for a while now and have debated and been goaded on to adopt a cat. Most of my personality and likes are feline oriented and I believed that it would change my anxious mood arpund for the better. I’ve been racking the idea around for the better part of a year …knowing it would be a hefty responsibility…even though I don’t want children or heavy priorities outside of work…due to it bing quite stressful. Fast forward to now…I believe somehow I made a rash decision in picking my kitten. I feel terrible about i but at the shelter I felt immediately attached without looking at too maby others and already said I would apply for her. As well, she is a 4 month old black ct…anf they stated that not maby people like them because her color…and it made m feel obligated yo choose her…I feel badly when I have to go out and she i alone…and vet costs and all the other costs made me feel a heavy burden. Its actually adding stress to my life…but I wanted to save her…also she’s chewing up my hands…which also adds to my guilt because im feeling resentful. I knew I should have gone with an older cat…but whats supposed to have mafe me happy is adding stress…just needed somewhere to be honest…and guiltless. Though I feel endless guilt because one shoukd never feel thi eay about an animal.

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Sneha Anand @sneha08

Sometimes, we might make impulsive decisions and that’s okay. But what you afterwards matter.

You can either choose to be regretful or turn it around. You can take the help of your friends in taking care of the cat. Well anything you choose to do, do it in your and the Cat’s best interest. Kitty needs you more than you do. 🐾


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