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I just feel super invalidated. One of my jaw popped and I suspect it was because of my habit of biting my blankets everyday for comfort and my jaw got tired overtime. The thing is, I feel like my parents doesn’t seem to care about my mental wellbeing and just brought up something else that could cause my urge to bite stuff (they said it was a symptom of worm congestion in my gut).fact or cap doesn’t matter, that statement just made me feel super invalidated. My mental wellbeing has been deteriorating since I started online school. When I confronted my parents about this and asked them whether the things I’m going through are valid or not, they just said something like “well buddy, I cant say its valid or not”. Maybe they’re right, but my jaw literally popped! I thought that’s enough “injury” to fulfill my validation. I’ve also had some stress related symptoms like Hives, skin picking around my lip area, heck I even suspect that I have ADHD and movement disorders. Some of the symptoms I’ve had are being messy, forgetful, restlessness and fidgeting, impulsiveness, and more! I’ve also confronted this to my friends, but they’re no different than me. They’re as broken as me and didn’t give me any useful solutions. I can’t get help because I’m still a freshman in high school and all of my pocket money are beyond my control. I just want validation.
sorry It’s too long and makes zero sense I tend to babble nonsense when I’m trying to describe my feelings :,)

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