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I just feel like I’m getting a little too dependent on my guy and I don’t know what to do. Wanting to talk to him always n stuff. I’m always at home is that the reason?


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I’ve been thru that . I can feel you to some extent . And it’s okay to feel that way , sometimes it feels like you are losing yourself and all you do is to think about him . Want his attention etc etc . But I guess it’s okay if you know that the person you have in your mind is worth it , if not then you needa be concious . You being at home maybe a reason to it , if you sit idol and alone , maybe try to invest your time and mind doing things you like or just go out for long drives or walk or take yourself on dates . Just treat yourself and I think you’ll se a change.


Yes this is the reason but wanting to talk is not bad
So instead of getting hurt and disturb him just fix some time and talk properly and clearly
It will also decrease your number of fights