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I just don’t know why I always feel alone even when i am with my friends.i don’t feel like I’m enjoying the moment but just pretending to be. I always feel ignored so many times that I try to make my mind realize to not feel bad due to someone else.but it just didn’t stop.i feel like I am inferiority complex of not being like others in the sense not being girlish, not reacting to the stuff and most importantly SELF LOVE is what i lack. My friends make fun of me but I am not even being able to show my disappointment .i just pass a smile foolishly as i always do. I’m not able to express my true emotions. Just playing with my own mind, disturbing my peace while others don’t even care. If i continue doing this i think i will destroy my mental health.

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Me too… But do you know a thing… I too had this lonely feeling always… But after that my friend told me to see how the lone is best… I won’t go anywhere without accompany… I always wanted a person beside me… I just tried out how alone is best for life… Once upon a time I took my bike and travelled loooong and weared my headphones listening to music and enjoying the nature… Now if anytime whenever I feel lonely… I just go to some new place and try some new foods… The foods were the best thing to solve the lonely feeling…just try this and feel something interesting


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