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I have this friendish who is really different from me, she has different friends and just overall likes to go out and party. I dont so I never go with her friends this there’s this wall in between us it kind off feels like she doesn’t care. she’s really nice but doesn’t proactively go after you or ask you to come have lunch but only invites when she goes out to party. so in a nutshell I don’t know what to do should I try harder or just let go off this friendship?

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I think if she is ur friend …she will not let you go…and more importantly, you should try giving space to everyone…she is not your possesion…She has her own way of living…And if u ever feel like being ignored then that must not be her fault maybe she doesn’t know how u feel…I have been through the same…So , what I did was to JUST REPEAT THE QUOTE **PEOPLE WHO ARE MEANT TO STAY TOGETHER , STAY TOGETHER NO MATTER WHAT ** This helped me a lot…maybe it will help you too…just don’t get sad or worry about this I am sure there are other problems worth getting your attention…I know it’s hard but believe me…EVERYTHING WILL BE OKAY…JUST DON’T LOOSE FAITH

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Eva 💕 @k9nzaki

it’s normal to have opposite friends eg. outgoing friends vs antisocial friends. if that’s what she enjoys doing she shouldn’t have to stop however i do think that’s she’s not considering what you like to do ; staying at home i believe ? maybe you should ask her to lunch, if she turns you down and says she’s going to a party don’t get down. i think the only red flag in the relationship would be if you guys stopped talking ( she’s always at parties so she’s forgotten about you ) because that means you guys are drifting away. also don’t overwork yourself in a friendship ; if you don’t feel she is giving back the same energy than you that’s also another red flag. sorry if my advice was useless/unhelpful xx


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