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simple @rooo

I have one problem , i cant say no to anyone and because of that many times people use me for their work.somtimes i frustrated with my self and decide to say no bt when someone ask as always i say yes.It very sad for me that i know my weekness still i cant overcome this.

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prithvi @prithvi01


simple @rooo

Me ladka hu desperate felloo😂

abhi @abhi8875



Dear you should have to set some boundaries or people will use you without valuing yourself…

Now a day people doesn’t value those things which are easily available.

I know it hard to say no (when you get habit of saying yes alway from birth)
But you’ve to learn it for your own self respect.

If someone ask for help, just ask yourself (in mind) “after helping him/her is ok or has any benefits?”
“Is they value me?”
“Like i help them, do they are also going to help with me?”

If your answer is no then clearly say no…

If they emotionally blames “how you can do this to me” and all…
Just demand something from them like “what i get after completing this”

Because you are giving your time and efforts which is never going to get back to you.
Remember time is precious…

Just don’t do anything for free…

I hope you understand
Anyway, take care of yourself ✨

susant @labu

I like you

simple @rooo

I m boy 😂 u should download some dating apps

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Pushkar @pushkar254

Start delaying the work purpose fully , give reson was very busy , people will stop asking for help automatically


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