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Demoninme @demoninme

I have lost all the confidence in me. I am convinced that I can’t do any job… I will complete one year soon and still I don’t think in the right direction and my boss calls me stupid, brainless and incapable. It is right because whenever I think that now I can do something and finally I have learnt something, finally I belong the organisation, I slip…mistake happens…repeat mistakes… And I am back to zeroβ€¦β€œTum Gadhi ho” β€œDimag use kr rahi ho”…
Can someone please explain what does a narcissist person does?

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I think more than you, it is your boss’ fault that he is unable to train or guide or motivate you. He is trying to harm your self-esteem so that you make mistakes. Maybe he feels threatened by you for some reason. The best way might be to consult somebody else, to get a more objective assessment of the situation. By that I mean, hearing someone else’s point of view, like honest feedback about your work, so that you can know your quality of work. And please be careful who you take feedback from. Office politics can be very dirty. Only ask someone you trust. Overall I would say, anybody who make insult is not a very wise person. Rather a wise person/leader is one who is able to help someone understand their mistake and help them overcome it, without belittling them. Don’t worry, you stay dedicated as you have been, and take initiative and put your points across without hesitation. You can do it!


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