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I have friends but i really feel left out always . I really need new friends what should i do ?

6 replies

Where r u from


I really dont want to disclose that


Ok u can say the state… I can be a friend if you are like atleast in my city… Mumbai


Mine is chennai


If you feel left out among your friends, then maybe they are not right for you… let them go… don’t make someone a priority when you are not a priority to them… let those people go and make space for new people to come… cuz trust me, I am telling this out of my numerous experiences, when you let go of the old, new and better people come… it’s all about letting go and making space for the new… Goodluck😘❤


But the thing is i am not a very social person and i dont know how to make new friends thats the only reason im sticking with these ones


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