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Eating DisorderThought


I have food addiction what do I do I simply keep eating eating I do overeating I m gaining weight moti hogayi hu body lazy hogayi hai mann hi ni karta workout ka kaise mindset banau?

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Mere sath bhi same dikkat hai behen 🥲 agar koi tareeka mile toh mujhe bhi batana please

Trisha @trisha28

karlo vrna you have no idea itne bure time me motivation dhundna pdta hai…lagta hai pehle kyu nhi kia

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KJ @kjtj

Bhaisahab…dil vali post hai ye !
Sach m solution dedo yaar koi… 🥺


Mere ek professor ne ek baat boli thi, “try to stay hungry, do not starve but stay hungry… Concentration badhega aur maza aayega” pata nhi kyu mere dimaag mei ye baat rehti hai… Shayad mai thoda overweight hu isiliye… But every time I want to eat other than my specific mess timing, mere dimaag mei ye baat aati hai… Aur kaam karne baithh jaata hu… it helps me

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