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i have exam anxiety,how do i cope with it

2 replies

Deepanshi @deepanshigupta0

Hey… Be prepared for your subjects. Don’t leave them to do before night. Try to be calm everyday and set small goals for everyday aand try to achieve them. 
Do little yoga and stay hydrated too. 
Best of luck for your exams.


Hello. I hope you are doing well. The only thing that will help you feel better is being a little prepared before your exam comes. I know it sounds like a bleh advice but genuinely, that’ll only make you feel at ease and peace. Take everyday as it comes and study little by little. Set targets for everyday and start by learning that much and achieving that target. You will feel much much more productive by the end of the day and it will feel like you have accomplished something. Also, don’t forget to get a good amount of sleep before you go for your exam. Best of luck!

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