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I have developed a bad habit of watching what my sister and dear ones do. I constantly try to check their messages or doubt them for no reason. So they stopped sharing things with me and started to hide everything. They also went to the extent of not talking with me.

I do understand that my act is unreasonable and toxic. I was not like this earlier. In fact, I’m a kind of person who hate checking on people. I give them as much space as they want and never expected my dear ones to say everything to me. In the last one year, I have changed this bad.

One of the primary reasons for my change is my old friend at college. He used to constantly keep checking on me. I hated that and stopped talking to him. Somehow later I developed that same bad habit. I used to check on people like the way he did to me.

This is not me. I hate myself. I want to change. I feel like shouting out loud and crying. I badly want to stop this habit and love everyone around me without any doubts or second thoughts.

I have found my problem but don’t know how to solve. This lockdown is also driving me crazy. I’m losing all my close ones. I want to change. Someone please suggest me some way to overcome this.

I want my happiness back. I want my good characteristics back. I want to be happy with my dear ones.

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Look brother, the things that you cannot hear for yourself or you cannot tolerate on your own, then should we do those things for others, should we put those habits for others, if yes then our own We should also apply the same thing on our self and the thing that has happened is done, now how to fix it, then always remember one thing.

Slow and steady win the race so try to make changes in your habit from today and keep improving in it, set an good example for others and than automatically they will start behaving in the same way as you expecting


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