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I have been under depression for the past 15 years. Around 4 years back anxiety disorder set in. There were some really dark phases in my life. Thankfully I survived and I’m alive today. That’s the biggest blessing in my life. It’s not that I’m completely fine now. Yes I still find it difficult to manage my anxiety. I still struggle with mood swings. The hunt to find something that works for me to manage my distress apart from medications still continues. Any suggestions or guidance please? And yes this is my story that was published on this blog. Might give some more insights about me.

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I had savior anxiety and then depression when i was about 16 now i am 20 i had dark times in mah life that sometimes i wanted to do suicide then what happened i started meditation i started keeping myself happy i started helping others with the same situation i read alot of self help books and make myself my no one priority after that i start counting my blessings kept myself away from toxic people alter my negative thoughts into positive and i started smiling even in mah hard days i never let myself having free time i set goals i start serving others i do one hour of exercise everyday that helped me alot and now i am totally recovered hope this help you as well and remember you’re strong and worthy you can do it


The best recommendations I can give you are exercise and finding your purpose for living. I’m happy that you’ve been recovering from depression and anxiety. You make this world that much more positive and inspire others to face their demons. Keep up the good work. πŸ™

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