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I have been procrastinating too much. I know i can do it well in my studies or anything i do. But all i do is procrastinate living the things on a point that i have to do everything last minute. I have been like this since i was in 6th grade. I remember not completing homework. I get so tensed about it but still just couldn’t do it. I don’t know what to do. I blame myself. I try. I can’t even sleep. But i just can’t start. If anybody have anything to say about this please help me out …

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If you feel like doing there lot to do at one point of time break your work into small portions, the basic idea is to not lose the momentum of work and lose motivation. I think if you want to stay away from procrastination figure out by just by breaking the work into small practical plan and start working just by doing a little bit if task. I know its it was hard for me too. For eg if I have to finish reading a book I would just look on the cover other things like the last page or something other than reading then slowly go through the topics which interests me them start one by one which eventually makes me do my work. Does work for you can find your own way sometimes
Just start, take small step but try to complete it


Thanks buddy. Because of this reply i actually became a lot productive


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