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i have been feeling very low lately. i sent a video to a loved one of mine which i meant as a cute gesture…but it made him want to take things slow. i know the problem is mine because i start giving my 100% very soon to every person. is this out of some trauma i can’t spot? or is this some people peasing behavior? or am i just fuckin stupid? i think i make people awkward. he said i was perfect for him but idk …i have lost the ability to focus on the good and i just keep listening the things that could indicate that i am being a problem. i fucking hate myself . i am also so unaware of all the cool things our generation is supposed to know and i end up feeling like a fucking noob. my health is also a constant problem… i feel ugly. i also have some symptoms of imposter syndrome since all the achievements of mine that people regard as huge don’t even feel real to me. i feel like i don’t deserve anything i have…not even small copliments…idk what my situation is. i hate everything right now

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Dear friend,
Pls stop thinking so much…
Stop dissecting so much about everything…
You are overanalysing every aspect…
See you are imperfectly perfect
Just like everyone
Eachone has some imperfections
But this doesnot make them stupid…
Everyone cannot know or do everything…
Just be urself…
No need to please others.
Please urself …
Do what your heart finds right
N dnt expect anything much from anyone…

Dear friend,
First accept n appreciate urself
When u will only hate n criticise urself
What do u expect others to do???

Different ppl have different way of expressing love…
Some are very emotional
Just like you…
They get very expressive
But not everyone understands value of heartfelt or genuine emotions…

Just Go with Flow…
Try taking things calmly n casually…
Good luck…
Stay strong
Stay blessed
May the new year fill ur life with new hope n all the desires of ur heart come true.


Thank you so much for this🥺😭❤️


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