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Anonymous @iu_issi

I have been feeling really bad recently. All i feel is toxicity and negativity around me. My whole “friend group” ignores me and tries to isolate me even when i am with them. My grandpa is sick and i already have a lot to worry about in that case. I feel so lonely. I feel like I have always been a toy that people use when they want to and then throw away when it becomes useless. I feel like I have never been anyone’s priority. I just exist with no motive and for no reason. Can someone tell me what do i do

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Abhinay @abhinay_abhi

If they did this they weren’t for you… Don’t worry abt all those things … Even I’ve faced some of those things … Even if you want to share something u can Dm me

Anonymous @iu_issi





I was in this situation. And if I’m being honest I’m not completely healed after this long time. But as someone said we don’t heal we just used to that pain so much that it don’t hurt the same. So am I. It’ll take time. Distant yourself from the people who affect your mental health. You need take care of your grandpa and family. Focus on them. Spend your more and more time with them. And feel free here if something is bothering you. We all are here for you…

Anonymous @iu_issi

I am actually out for college so i cannot spend time with my family that sucks as well

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Lydia @girly_chic

You should think of the positive aspects of all this no matter what for the sake of your mental health… You are important and a major role player and you should be proud of yourself first … And for your friends they aren’t your friends dear … I realized a bit late that we need to know how to sector our friends like we should have , close friends /besties , school friends , hangout buddies,
Truth is the earliest you know where you stand with a person and accept it the better (most times we don’t usually have more than 2 or 3 besties which is rare )
Those friends were never yours and it’s never too late to make new friends because you are still alive and definitely still growing… You’ll keep encountering people and definitely I’m sure you’ll meet better people

Please cheer up and always tell yourself that you are beautiful, amazing and you’ll pass through this phase

Anonymous @iu_issi



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