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I have always felt the need to go above and beyond, because if I don’t I feel unworthy. I have a test coming up, and I just feel stressed out because I don’t have much time to practice. I feel like its going to affect my future and everything. My parents have told me it doesn’t matter, but I’m still stressed out. I have been procrastinating an end of the year project for an AP for a couple weeks now, and I feel like crap. Does it matter if I fail the exams? Will I be okay? I have this classmate that always seems to do better than me, and it makes me feel even crappier. Is it important is they beat me? I have about 3 weeks to do an ap project and 2 ap tests. Is that enough time? I feel light headed and dizzy and just worried and mentally exhausted. I want to stop giving a crap, but I can’t because its important.

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Take some time to breathe, your need to go above and beyond is amazing! Most people don’t even bother to do anything, so don’t feel unworthy, no matter what you do. Don’t make this test your number one priority. You still need to live your life, talk to your friends and family and make sure you’re in a good mental state. I suggest making yourself feel the best you possibly can before you start to worry about more important things. It does not matter if anyone beats you, you’re human. You don’t need to be better than everyone else, you’re perfect just the way you are. You were made to be like this. Try talking to someone who cares, let it all out. If you feel like you’re going to cry, do just that. I believe you are going to do amazing, whoever you are. You may feel like everyone is telling you that you are fine when you’re not. Believe me, once it’s over you will feel better. Whatever is making you feel stressed, try to tackle it. Remember, you are loved and no one is going to hate you if you fail. This test is just a speed bump on your path. You just need to brace yourself for it and once it’s over, you will not have to worry about it. Please don’t overwork yourself, take time to be you, and not let this test affect you as a human being.

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