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Anjana @anjana

I have always been over protected and diffident throughout my childhood. Handling a failure or rejection was never my cup of tea. I would put myself down, enter my own pity party and never knew how to get out of the vicious loops I made in my head. I was around toxic people for a while. That took another toll on my already unstable mental peace. I am at a better place now. At peace with myself, my past. No more blame games. Straight up, heads on. Fear is what I conquered. Fear of losing, fear of failing, fear of letting go.

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I know how entering your own pity party can make you feel. You start associating with people who are toxic and not good for you. I got out of this vicious cycle too and stopped being insecure about myself. As soon as those insecurities went, my confidence level shot up and I started making progress and started taking risks in life and let go of people who i knew weren’t good for me or my growth.


Understanding how major the role of internal strength is in situation like this, but having a good support system can really pull use out of that downward spiral

Kashika @kashika

I’m extremely happy about how you’ve grown. I too, was just like you, or probably still am to a certain extent. May we all try and get past our toxic habits and learn to live the healthy way!


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