I have a lot to share and lot of work to do but I am least motivated and feeling lonely even though I have boyfriend and friends.Any suggestions or people with similar things just to know that I am not the only one.

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maybe the people around you are not the best crowd for you to be around with. your boyfriend and friends should be the people you want to share things with! if you feel that you can’t share things with them then maybe you should check your relationships with them and why you feel lonely. I too relate sometimes and it seems like you’re really stuck but once you get your motivation and productivity going, you feel much better! try releasing your negative energy first, that helps me get going and try to do work immediately when you feel motivated than laying it off. maybe try calling your friends too, you may be lacking interaction face to face. be positive :) you can get through the slump !


yeah I am really slogging all day on my bed or sofa even though i realise i have a lot to study

Venky @venky


You want to share your problem or feeling u can share hear . Because Lockdown we can’t meet our friends it common to feel lonely


thank you 😍

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