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Alana @iloveusv

I have a good friend of mine that isn’t feeling really good lately. He often tells me that he doesn’t know why he is living anymore and doesn’t see a future in life. He also tells me that he thinks suicide is the lamest option that you can do. However i’m not sure if he would consider doing it one day, but i’m worried. I don’t know how to comfort him anymore?

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Aakifah @kifah

I feel like if you show him how much he means to you
And him being alive matters
Tell him how amazing he is
And how there is a whole life ahead of him to live on his terms and he can do whatever he wants

Please tell him how much he matters
Maybe by msging him randomly and saying I hope you are okay and know that you are loved or something like that
Show small gestures which show him how much he matters like a picture frame a cute mug or even some self care items
Spend time with him
And sit with him in the silence and just be there for him

I hope I didn’t say too many things
But that’s what I would want my friend to do for me


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