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Ekisha @ekisha

I hate people when they pretend to be nice to u and later then leave u because u have nothing to give according to them…
Friendship is not enough for some people cause they want more… vo apne according dusro ko control Karna chahte. They don’t even think ki samne Wala Kya chhta. But me happy Hoon ki me aise logo se Durr rhti although mere Sath aisa hua hai Therefore, I keep myself away from such people.

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Ram @ram_1919

Just try to enjoy ur own company, most of the paths u have to walk alone…


Good … better to stay away such people… each have their own choice and opinion…

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Atul Lakhanpal @honey05

You should learn to separate toxic vibes coming from such toxic people

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Chinmay✨ @oye_chinmay

Make your mom or dad your bestfriend the see how it feels🥰🤝


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