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i hate myself, i wish everything could just be better, i wish i could just dissapear, i want to cry so bad but i cant, i dont know why, it hurts, im so sorry, im a horrible person, such a fucking mistake im sorry for being alive

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Omg I’m sorry you feel this way but please don’t think like this there will be people in your life who will always love you please dont do this to yourself you are important I totally understand you that you’re frustrated but I don’t want you to do anything wrong please take care go to a therapist if needed

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we are all human we all make mistakes it’s ok to feel the way that you are feeling right now but remember that a lot of loved ones still love you and maybe if you repent and ask for forgiveness they will forgive you and try to reach out to someone or even talk to someone even a phone call will help but please don’t give up


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