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I hate my parents… i literally hate them like helll … every day every time they will always scold me they will always taunt me … always say me that im not good enough … im not useful for anything if it is on my birthday they constantly scold me taunt me for petty things every time. For me it feels like i need to run to somewhere … i want to do something to hurt them or i want them to know what rage pain they make me feel every minute. No one should have such a toxic parents … please dont judge me … im a state topper in entrance im never got percent below 90 and my family treats me like shit and this is the only space i feel atleast i can write what i feel

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MetaLife @thoughtexplorer

Sorry that you had to experience that. But what if they have some specific reasons to do so, maybe their unfulfilled dreams to support you or even the bitter experiences they have had or They might just not know how to express their concern for you…

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Sometimes you cannot change th nature of parents. They will think that they are not torturing you because their parents must have torture them even more!! So learn to just listen through one ear and leave it from the other. When they see that u are unbothered by their comments they will slowly reduce. There is high chance that compared to others in the family you are the good one listening to them always. Because u listen to every small thing they say, they will think they will try and push you even more …but really in their heart they only want to see u in the best position in life. Although the approach is wrong just see the concern behind it and just master the art of IGNORANCE

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