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I hate being me i hate being a over sensitive person i hate being a person who is little bit immature to their age i hate being childish i hate doing everything over whether its is love friendship everything people take me granted so easily and hurt me like nothing happened i just wanted to be loved by someone so much i wanted to be someone’s priority i hate being me…

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Heyy Stranger, I know what it feels like when we don’t get back what we give. Weather it’s Love or Friendship…

I’m also going through this right now …
People just use me and took me for granted and it hurts badly…

At the age of 24 i still feel like I’m childish who care about people …

Though i don’t have anyone with whom I can talk and share my feelings at the end of the Day …

Just stay strong… More Power to you …

If you need a Freind to talk then I’m here…


you can’t be somebody else’s priority until and unless you aren’t yours


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