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Gumnaam ladki @gumnaam_lad...

I had always thought revealing vulnerabilities amounted to seeking sympathy and had dealt with it on my own for a long time which took away my mental peace. Now, I understand that it’s important for to accept myself the way I am, to be honest to myself. Now, I don’t shy away from slowing my scars.

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Gumnaam ladki @gumnaam_lad...

Thank you! 🌸

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Suryank Singh @its_suryank

hello 👋🏻 such a positive thoughts

amayra sharma @9000

Yes you are absolutely correct…we are the best 🤟

Trendy Catte @tanmayi

Everything will be fine just believe in yourself 😇😊

deep @tomerdeep

Why don’t we accept ourselves?

In my opinion, we want ourselves to be like the idea of another person (who we may admire or may be intimated by him/her) and due to which they get power over us.

We just need to understand how intelligent and well designed we are by nature… so, it doesn’t matter if some specific person likes you or not and always tries to understand other people’s POV it doesn’t mean you have to agree with them.


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