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Riya @nice_gleam_3

I had a fight with my friend months back and he is not talking to me again and I cannot get him out of my mind and cannot stop trying for us to patch up. As a person it is very difficult for me to share things with others but I could do that with him, I used to tell him everything that was going on that I was feeling which is making this worse. I am not happy. There is this feeling of loneliness. Nobody understands me. Living this life has become a task for me, I no longer enjoy it … it has been years since I felt good or had a heartful laugh

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How are you doing now

Riya @nice_gleam_3

Hey, it’s better now. Trying to cope up with it. Thanks for asking. Hope you are doing well too :)

Subasri IT @elite_blossom

Give some space for him… May be 10 days… Don’t reach out… Try calling on 11th day… Better to ask in person

Riya @nice_gleam_3

Hey, thanks for your advice. I don’t think he is interested in meeting me. But will surely try not to text him at least. Thanks again. I hope you are doing well too :)


It’s best to stay away for a while, and let them come to you rather than you going to them, knowing that if you do that nothing is going to work. 

Riya @nice_gleam_3

Hey, thanks. I am trying hard to keep myself busy and distracted so that I don’t think about it but there are moments when I can’t Stop thinking about it even while I am doing other things. But yes I will surely try to focus more on myself and give him his space. Thanks though. Hope you are doing good too :)


It’s good that you shared it here. Letting out feels good.
I know it feels frustrating that the only person who used to listen to you is no longer talking to you. Idk what happened between you two but if the fight happened months before then I don’t think he’s still holding on to it. Maybe he wants to focus on his life now. Sometimes it gets overwhelming for the people who care and listen to you, especially when they too are in problems or struggling with something. I know this because I too have friends who like to share and I listen to them, but every now and then you have to focus on yourself as well.
So I’ll suggest you give him some time. If your friendship is important to him then he’ll contact you. Till then, try not to contact him.
You can share whatever you feel here. There are people who will help and listen to you. You can talk and share with anyone who you think can listen to you.
Stay strong and smile to yourself 😊

Riya @nice_gleam_3

Hey thanks. I never thought about it from that perspective. Maybe, like you said, he just needs his space. I am trying to distract myself with other things so that I don’t think about it. Thanks though for presenting another perspective. I hope you are doing good too :)


Yes, I’m good. Thank you.
Try to focus on other things in your life. If it feels too clogged up inside of you then feel free to share here. Someone will always be there to listen to you.
Take care of yourself and keep smiling 🙂

Riya @nice_gleam_3

Thank you 😊

rgowal Gowala @roomy_dove_...

Oo sorry 😞 dear


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