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Prem @prem

I got so much to talk about.But my home people don’t have time/understanding towards it.
We spend big part of our day in office,and office colleagues do discuss things like cricket,football,fitness,mutual funds,property tax,etc. but being a male its difficult and uncomfortable to share about cooking,playing with niece and nephews,singing ,etc.
Whom I could share all these without being judged and laughed on?

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I get you ,trust me everyone feels that way. You can tell a really close friend about it or a close family member  sometimes you can share these thoughts in your ways like writing or drawing or singing if you’re into it , it helps you let out a lot of stress and people even understand you better that way, if you still feel like you need to just talk there are number of websites  like this that will help you . And hey consider me a friend here :)

Prem @prem

I tried sharing it with many close friends but they either made fun of “cook” in me or said “good that your wife won’t have to do anything”

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Bani Singh @banisinghvasir

Here here here!!! We’re all about these cute little adorable details of your life ?
They are is so precious ❤️


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