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I get really nervous in front of β€˜crowds’ and I don’t know what to do. I had to deliver an impromptu speech at my MUN extracurricular today, and I totally messed up. My voice shook and I felt like I could barley breath. I abruptly stopped my messed up speech and asked to try again at the end of the class. When I tried again my voice still shook, but I felt I did a bit better. The problem is there are only about 15 other kids in my MUN extracurricular - how am I going to manage giving a speech to a whole committee?

This year I was assigned a rather important committee with a rather important contry that requires extensive research. I try to put up a front to show people I can pull this off, but I’m not really sure I can. I always get nervous and flustered in front people, which also relates back to my self confidence. What do I do? I am determined to pull this off, but I really don’t know how I’m going to manage giving speeches.

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Sanket @sanket


Its ok to fumble. I have been nervous while demoing the product in front of client. I still fumble but less than the previous time.
I would recommend to take help from some youtube videos or some internet blogs which will help to you fight stage fear. They can easily explain the techniques and will give you some great advice

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dhvani @dhvanee


I think we are both on the same boat. I get very nervous at such situations. The fact is that, I fumble while addressing my own teachers during oral speech tests, and then how can you expect me to speak in front of the entire school! I don’t know why, but my teachers somewhat know about this, but still they force me to participate in competitions or activities, not only at school or interschool level, but even to interact with students of other countries. This has been happening over the years, but most recently, though still not perfect, but I’ve improved a lot. And I now understand why my teachers forced me into things I wasn’t good at. The moral of my experience was that to deal with your problems you need to accept them as challenges, and prove to yourself that you can do it. This helped me, I hope it helps you too.


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