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I feel worthless. I dont find a purpose to be alive and I would be dead if I didn’t care about what my friends feel. If all my friends stopped caring about me I would end my life in a heartbeat. Another problem I have is finding someone that I love. Im young im only 15 but I just feel like I will never find someone that I will love. I feel lonely.

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We all have these moments, trust me you’re not alone.The only two guys I have dated both cheated on me making me feel worthless. All of my “friends” have stopped talking to me making me feel lonely. Why? Who knows, but I know now I’m not worthless and neither are you.I know my reasons to feeling those ways are probably different from yours but I just wanted to share that with you to show you that you are not alone when it comes to feeling worthless or lonely. You’re young you will one day find that love you’re looking for. I’m 19 and I’m thinking the same thing, thinking I’ll never find someone that I’ll love, but like I said we’re young we have so much ahead of us, so much to live for. Live your life to the fullest, meet new people, stay strong I know you can.


Hi there,I too, at your age felt the same way about my life, my existence, my friendships, my love life. Everything just hit too close to home. I felt everything very deeply. I am now 22. Over the course of years, I developed ways to not validate my existence on the basis of what other people thought about me. I involved myself in a self-building process. One of the only things that brought me satisfaction. Because I loved and trusted my friends, but all they did was hurt me, knowingly or unknowingly. As did the boy I liked back then. I’m not asking you to live a hermit life. But I just want you to know, good things happen. It’s what we live for…hope. Hope is what keeps us going, for a better tomorrow. And that tomorrow exists, and that’s what I want you to want to be alive for. And if not for tomorrow, for today. You will find love, you will have a family, you will succeed, all the beautiful things and feelings in life will come your way. Just stay at it, and let life happen. It isn’t as bad as it seems right now.


you’ll be fine don’t worry. You’re not alone, there’s access to counselling that is completely confidential
Locate your strengths, everyone has strengths. You’re not worthless


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