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Galexia @galexia

I feel very welcomed here, thanks a lot to y’all. I will use this place to vent I guess.
I’ve been thinking that all my life I’ve been trying to fit in but trying to make people feel pleased, you know? Acting different with every person or group. This couple of years I’ve been a little more of myself, but I always fight myself trying to act as people wants me to act and all of this frustrates me so much. I’m embarassed of myself, and that only fact makes me angry. It’s becoming more difficult to express myself and trying to put my real thoughts and feelings out there bc if I do, I feel like garbage afterwards
I have to believe people will not cringe or feel ashamed with me, but honestly everytime is getting more and more difficult.

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I TOTALLY GET WHAT YOURE SAYING!! i’ve been distancing myself from a new friend cuz i think she thinks i’m annoying or something. and i’ve done that my whole life because i’ve had friends parents tell me that i’m a bad influence on their children. and i’ve had other people tell me that i’m weird and ugly and annoying. i’ve haven’t fixed myself, but what my therapist tells me to do is write down a few good things about myself everyday and read it a few times. hope this helps. i’m

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Galexia @galexia

Thank you so much! I’m finally not feeling alone in this. I’m going to try it and see if that works with me, I really hope everything can get better for both of us


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