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Self LoveThought


I feel very lonely, depressed, and extremely helpless. Materialistic speaking I have enough, however, my emotions are empty as the space in the universe. My heart is in the room that no light can’t get in. I have been trying to talk this through my therapist but it has not worked yet. Also, I have tried to come back to my old hobbies. But, I just feel nothing can’t seize the pain in my soul; the emptiness of my heart.

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Hi, I completely understand the void you’re talking about here. I’ve been through it too. If you’ve been working on it with your therapist, I’d suggest you to please give it a little more time. Therapy and trying to understand yourself is a constant process which will take time and effort. I’m glad that you took the step to take therapy! Also, writing down your feelings also helps. It helps you with a new perspective and enables you to understand yourself better!

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