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Prem @prem

I feel very insecure when I see people confident than me.
When someone tries to dominate me I do feel angry inside but can’t protest from outside.
Why I am like this?
Why can’t I accept myself the way I am?
How come some guys with below average looks maintain their confidence level no matter whom they meet?

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A little bit of confidence level is inherited and genetic but some is also learnt over the years, once we stop giving a fuck I think. i think once we realise that the other person’s need to dominate stems from their own insecurities, it helps in coming to terms with our own sense of self and confidence. it helps breathe a little easy, or atleast help in being unbothered


what steps I should take to not get bothered when someone tries to offend me? I do keep quiet and ignore them but from inside I feel face slapped.

Avni @avni


Hi. One thing that needs to be cleared upis that confidence is not a personality trait, its a skill that can be developed and honed. Secondly, it has absolutely nothing to do with how you look. It stems from believing in yourself and having a solid stable sense of worth. I think you need to meet your child self and figure out what patterns you have developed over the years to cope with things that you have been or not have been given. I guess you have overbearing parents. I really recommend reparenting yourself and reestablishing your core foundations. The holistic psychologist on instagram and youtube will help you through. Check out her posts. And please, be patient and compassionate with your journey. :)


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