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I feel terrible everyday. i am lonely in my marriage. its been 7 years of my marriage but the loneliness kills me. I did everything possible to fix this. I feel me n my spouse are just not meant to be with each other. We are poles apart. I have had worsts of fights and now we have stopped fighting as well. We are in our own worlds just doing our duties to keep the marriage alive. It has taken its toll in my professional life as well. my stammer has increased. I just feel like throwing up everything. I met my ex had an affair but that didnt help either. I was still lonely. I broke up with her. I joined these sites gleeden ashley madison et al and I became more lonely. I just have one friend and I was content with that one friend. He also left the city to pursue his career. I have come to a point where I just regret all my actions in the past. I just found that you live a life what you choose. There is no god and almost no destiny.

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Heyyyy you’re so good. Don’t let the past destroy your now. Remember you can start everything from now on. Please forget what happened you’re saying that “you live a life what you choose” you’re so brave and this taught has a strong meaning try to apply this rule im your life give your spouse love, respect its hard in the beginning but by the time you will see the good and better change. Please just try one more time no regret no anger without thinking about past. Wishing you laughter to make your heart sing and peace of mind…


Me in same position after marriage its has become 13 years … You can share your thoughts with me on my mail later i can give u my number


It is good you woke up. Now you can make better decisions and take control of your life. You can get a divorce and live as you please.


I agree with you there is no god the god you should trust in is yourself you are the only god you need to trust


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