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I feel so scared every time a person from my school or college talks tome. Like they expect me to talk about some crazy adventures ive been on but i havent. Life has been shit. Its still shit. People have been around the world, done so much crazy stuff, getting married, etc and here i am, still the same, in my parents home, striving to complete my studies with bare minimum that doesnt look like its going to happen. I know i shouldnt feel this way but whenever that happens, i feel so ashamed. Like the feeling of not mattering is too much. There are these times when i feel like a complete loser. I shouldnt but i do. The crazy thing is i dont think there is any obstacle thats stopping me so idk i just wallow and wallow in self pity.

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idk bro, this fear is very real. and it has got to do with the way we’ve been conditioned and also how we are genetically wired perhaps. it’s almost like survival of the fittest. like if you’re not the brightest and the best, you don’t hold much value. what i really felt honestly is, what worked for me was cutting off from those who made me feel less, intentionally. who behaved as if they were superior just because they had more money, better grades or just a better life overall. i knew i had to cut that toxicity out of my life, to achieve what i wanted to, on my own terms and not to just be better than them. and i feel, we know very well in our hearts, who those people are who are deliberately trying to put us down.

Afreen @afreen

Mate you don’t need fear anything from any person in this world.
It’s completely fine if your friends are doing adventurous stuff around the world and you are studying or doing whatever you like.
You are not the only one who thinks like that every person is different from a different social background and brought up differently.
You don’t need to feel ashamed if you are studying.
What I would suggest to you is you should make short term goals for yourself and accomplish it.
Feeling pity for yourself will never work trust me!
We all feel low some days but don’t make this a habit of feeling bad for yourself.
Everyone has some field in which they will master.
Know your hobbies,enjoy your work,make new friends.
Making new friends you will get to learn a lot of things.

No one 111 @jarul

Life isn’t a race to accumulate adventures. It takes a long time to be yourself and get where you want to be. Getting married is a curse, so I wouldn’t count that as an accomplishment just a defeat


Hey, you know what? Life is not just about your experiences and adventures, it’s mostly about the person you are and the heart you have, your intentions towards people, your nature matters.

Gaurvi Narang @gaurvinaran...

I don’t think you should compare yourself with other people. We must figure out a path for ourselves, that suits our personality and our goals and work towards those. Working hard is important but you must figure out what you really want from life rather than chasing the happiness of other people!


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