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i feel so sad and down right now. i want to say i’m not sure why, but i think i know exactly why. ever since entering high school, i’ve feared and dreaded my future. i’ve been scared to reach that point of having to know exactly what my future, my college, and what my major is. and now, i think i’ve finally reached that stage. i’m terrified. i’m not sure how to start without having an immense feeling of being overwhelmed. it just feels like all this fear and unknown can swallow me up whole. the future just seems so bleak for me… i’m not sure of what i wanna be and what i wanna do. i never really thought i’d make it this far in life. i’m not quite sure when i grew up this fast.

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hii,i can totally relete with what you are feeling,im in a point of my life where i feel so much presure on what i should do with my future,i have no idea on what i want to do or be either, i will have to go to collage in like a year and i still have no idea on what i want to do with my life seeing how time has passed so fast and how much i’ve grown surprises me cuz i never really stoped to think what i wanted to do with my life and now it just hit me for the first time,i’ve always thought i still had a lot of time to think about it but now i realized i have not anymore,i wish i could stop time for a moment to breath and have time to think but i can’t and that has been giving me a lot of anxiety, i don’t feel prepered and i don’t want to take a decision that then i will regret i see other people having dreams they want to fight for,but i don’t have one,my parents told me to do whatever i wanted that there had to be something i liked,the last time i had a conversation with my parents about this i broke down crying i had never felt so overwhelmed in my life.I don’t really know how i can give you advice since im going throught the same and me myself i don’t know what to do,but i think we should just take it easy i know things can seem really overwhelming at the moment just don’t make any rushed decision that you may regret and take your time i hope you find your way in life.


also sorry for my english,is not my native language


That moment in life can be hard to handle unless you have always known for sure what you wanted do as if you had a true calling but most people do not have that. Most people I worked with came from different backgrounds meaning you can study something generalist, something you love or something that makes you think and challenge yourself but that does not actually mean you will only work in the same career path/area/job forever. If you can (financially) take a gap year to travel that also helps.


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