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I feel so fuckinnggggg stupid rn!!! I made the stupidest mistakes and now all I am going to do is regret it later, like always. This is all just so overwhelming and I feel so disoriented. I really want to get my life organized and on track but it’s easier said than done.

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Mistakes are done by humans… And at times I feel it’s good to commit mistakes and learn. But I would like to say just ponder on the things you do just for a second and I think decisions and life will get organised itself

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Hey! Thanks for choosing to open up to us at Now&Me.
There is only one suggestion that I suppose will help you the best and will not let any frustrating moments reappear in your life. Always rely on discipline for the initial phase of trying to change your life. Feel completely in control of your life and decisions because you are. Shed this idea of being disoriented, this is just a phase and it does not define you. You can take hold of your life any single moment. Be mindful of what you do, how you choose to spend your time, how you act in certain situations, how much time you give to what. Once you get into the habit of stopping for one second and mindfully questioning yourself about what you’re just going to do, it will automatically make you choose better and will sharpen your judgement. This will bring your life back on track. Push yourself a little and control your impulses to let things ''just be". Take control by being mindful of your actions.


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