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Kashika @kashika

I feel so empty. Like there’s nothing inside me, no feelings, no brain, no hope, nothing. When I look at my picture of me as a baby, I can see who I was, once upon a time. When life was a blur, like nothing mattered. As we grow up we learn to see things from a different perspective. But this different is not always in a positive sense. As I see myself in the dimly lit picture, sitting on a swing in the verandah holding my toy, wearing such cute anklets, my big eyes almost piercing through the camera, I realise how much I miss everything. When I did not have to care about the society checking me out, or worrying about my clothes. When my smile did not need any reason, when there was no college to go. I want to be carefree. People who claimed they love me have never really proven themselves. I will do anything in my capacity to make people happy, but they will not. My happiness has always been linked to somebody or something. This is why I never feel happy and I am always burdened.
Agony vanishes my friend, but do you know the sad part? Ecstasy does too.

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the feeling of nostalgia brings our overall feelings from the past, we usually remember the good bits; rosy times and everything feels perfect. however, in whatever age, situation or level we are in life, we are faced with our own challenges and they sometimes tend to get sidelined when recalling positive emotions. therefore, don’t feel disheartened, children have their own set of worries and fears which seem trivial to us as we have grown up

Gaurvi Narang @gaurvinaran...

hey, don’t be silly. You are much more than you think. Don’t let little life situations get you down. Be honest with yourself and who you want to be. Then go ahead, and be it!


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