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I feel sick to my stomach right now. And I want to know if I’m overreacting. I’ve been talking to this guy for awhile and we both like each other. We have been talking about dating soon. We both go to the same school so it’s easy to hangout. Today I was texting him and somehow in the conversation I pulled up about him used to liking one of my friends. Now I’m not the jealous type and I was expecting him to say no because it was only a rumor I heard from the end of last year and a little over a month of this year. Then we started talking. I didn’t think it was true but I wanted to know his perspective. At first he denied it then after said that he did used to have a crush on rose. Fake name i feel so upset I wish I didn’t ask. It’s like that he found out that he couldn’t get her and went to me. When we first started talking I remember him saying your roses friend right? And said he recognized me. Now after he told me he did like her he said that i was the only person he liked after rose. Which I feel like made it worse. I’m not jealous he has an ex and I don’t care. Its just that it was my friend and even now when I talk about him to my group rose will tell me funny times they hung out and how dorky he was. I never really got upset about that till now. I’m all ready suffering from depression and I love rose but I do get jealous at times .it not that I’m unattractive it’s that she’s good at everything. Sports, art, studies and everyone knows her and likes her. I feel so ashamed and sick now. I wish I never asked. Am I over reacting?

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Is she pretty

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Simran @st1199

It’s absolutely okay to have these thoughts. You all are in school right now, and all these feelings and the way of reacting come naturally. Now, the only way is to talk to him directly. The expectation is more about whether he genuinely wants to continue with you or have you because he didn’t get Rose. At this stage one will not be sure because it starts at this age, but his actions can only make you believe. Talk to him about the jealousy part and where you get uncomfortable. Talk to Rose about not discussing the guy in a group. And see how it works out for you. ✨

Natalia @nutella711

Ok thank you!


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