I feel sick. I feel like a might lose my job that I have been working for a few months cause I read something wrong and accidentally gave them $18 in change instead of $8. I feel as though my employers might think I’m stealing from them. I just don’t know what to do.

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Hi, is there an option for you to tell them what happened as a mistake? Maybe they’ll understand and probably just cut that money from your salary. It’s better if you tell them yourself as compared to them finding out from somewhere else. It was an honest mistake and I really think they will understand you

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Actually I texted my love interest after a month as we had aRead more
I’m better now everybody
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Some people pretend to be good and some actually are.....
basically my younger brothers friend came out as using they/Read more
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What are you really scared of?
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I just now posted a thought about what I'm feeling so becausRead more

Uchiha @kha

When you really need to talk to someone do you:
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I want to share my feeling with you guys Ye incendet friday ka h evening me m ofc gyi and jate hi ek ladki milli usne mujhe birthday wish kya to mene usko bola aj mera bdy ni h 19 Read more

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